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Lego Birthday

Lego Cupcake ToppersThis is long over-due! Life happened. Now I’m ready to get back into my blog.

Last Spring, our son turned 5. He was really into Lego building. He started with the kits and then branched out with his imagination with his own Lego creations. It was an easy theme to go with for his birthday party. The party location was at ASI Gymnastics. (They have friendly, energetic party hosts who do a great job of providing a fun and interactive party for kiddos.)

For his birthday cake, I baked white cupcakes (using a box of mix), topped with Wilton’s buttercream frosting. For the Lego brick toppers, I used a Lego Brick silicone mold from, melted a bag of color Wilton’s Candy Melts in the microwave on 50% power at 30 second intervals until smooth, and filled the molds with the melted candy. I cut off the corner of the bag, squeezed the melts into the mold tray, and tapped the tray to get rid of air bubbles. After the Lego melts hardened in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, I carefully cut the candy block in half, so it wouldn’t be too big for little kids to eat. The candy Lego bricks were perfect as edible cupcake toppers. The kids loved them!

lego cupcake

 For the party favors, I made crayons in the shape of Lego Minifigures. The Lego Minifigure silicone mold was purchased from I peeled and broke Crayola brand crayons in small pieces. It takes about 1 crayon of broken pieces to fill 1 Minifigure mold. I set the mold tray on a cookie sheet, melted them in the oven at 225F degrees for 10-12 minutes, or until the crayons melted.

 Lego Minifigure MoldLego Minifigure Crayons

Although it took some time to make these, I enjoyed doing this for our birthday boy!

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